Trailer Security

How Secure Is Your Trailer?

This page covers some common security methods and tips that should be practiced when hiring a trailer. Whilst these systems may not be full proof, they are designed to display a visual deterrent and to make it harder for opportunists to steal a trailer.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the trailer is secure at all times from theft.



Coupling Locks


Coupling locks come in many different shapes and styles however the most common types come in single and 2 stage models.  Coupling locks are designed to slot under the tow ball housing, blocking the entry to prevent it from being placed onto a car and stolen.  The 2 stage model can also be secured whilst the trailer is connected to your car, making it practically impossible to remove without displacing the padlock.  It is advised that you invest in a good quality padlock that cannot be removed with bolt cutters.


Trailer Cop

Similar to the coupling locks, the Trailer Cop is a security device designed to fit inside your trailer coupling making it impossible to place the trailer onto a potential thief’s tow ball.  The only negative thing with these is that they don’t provide any visual deterrent as they cannot be seen until you are attempting to steal the trailer in question.


Coupling Padlock

As well as the use of the two above security aids, every new trailer coupling comes with a padlock slot which secures the trailer to your car.  30mm standard padlocks are recommended but remember, unless your padlock carries a high security rating, it can be silently removed with a pair of pocket bolt cutters.


Trailer Storage


Owning many trailers, I have the ongoing need for secure storage.  Whilst I can’t expect every customer to have secure recorded CCTV, re-enforced gates, and guard dogs, I can ask that every possible measure is taken to protect the trailers from theft. This can be as simple as blocking the trailer in your yard or camp site at night with your car or padlocking it to a gate, fence or pole. Recently a hire trailer from another hire company was removed from a hirer’s car at the supermarket and stolen never to be seen again.  Unsecured trailers are targeted daily!

In conclusion, trailer security is important and you only have to scroll the pages of Gumtree to see many stolen trailers. NEVER leave a hire trailer unsecured, think tactically and never underestimate the lengths a criminal will go to.  Remember, many security devices are only a deterrent and should be supported with as many security aids as possible.