Nowra Trailer Hire Safety


At Nowra Trailer Hire we Aim for Zero Harm.


Please review the Safety information and data provided on this site to assist with your Task Assessment



All Car Trailers are supplied with a Winch, 2 ramps and 4 x 2500kg Tie-downs for an 8 point system to secure a car down legally . 

The Car Trailers weigh 700kg unloaded and can legally carry 1300kg Maximum Load with an ATM of 2000kg

Maximum legal speed with a GCM of 4500kg is 100 km/hr in NSW, this means the tow vehicle + the Trailer combined weight. 

Suggested Maximum speed with a loaded car trailer is 80 km/hr especially downhill. It is recommended that low gear engine braking is utilised for downhill situations as with heavy vehicles. 

Always load the car onto the Car Trailer with the engine to the front of the trailer and a slight front weight bias. This has been proven as the safest way to reduce the risk of trailer wobble.




Zero Harm means that Safety both Personal and Equipment is an Overarching Principle of our business and operations.

We take this seriously by presenting Trailers “Fit for Purpose” and by providing you “our valued customer” with these safety guides to help best enable you to ensure the safety of all people, places and equipment whilst you use a Nowra Trailer Hire quality trailer.

Please take a few moments to view the Safety pages of our website.

It’s one of the best services we can provide you to “have a great day – with Zero Harm”!


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