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Our goal is to offer great quality late model trailers at rates consistently lower than those offered by the ‘major’ companies. To put it simply, we aim to be cheaper without sacrificing our core values of quality and service. We offer ‘cared for’ late model trailers at low rates along with service that consistently betters anything offered by the established rental companies in Nowra.

We want to be very easy to do business with. We do not answer to a head office, we are the head office. You will not experience annoying call centres, you will actually talk directly to one of our experienced team member’s right here in South Nowra.

We always give you our fully transparent, all inclusive drive-away no more to pay rate both on-line and on the phone so you will not experience any unexpected costs. We are different, No spin, No surprises.

How do we do it?

Keep it lean, keep costs down and therefore offer the lowest rates. We keep things simple and efficient.

We offer late model trailers, some are brand new, some are a few years older but all are meticulously cared for. So keeping our fleet a little longer is another way to offer you the best rates every time.

We keep staffing levels to a minimum. You will come across the same people each time you visit us or call us on the phone. Sorry, there are no frequent flyer points, there is no VIP members program, everyone is a VIP at our place. However we have a very strong commitment to quality and service from a genuinely friendly, happy team of people who are ready to help you in any way we can.

We focus on what’s really important. We offer you good quality late model trailers at the lowest possible rates in a professional and efficient location run by a dedicated core team of people who want to give you the best possible service. That’s how we do it, told you we were different!

We Are Local.

We are a local company, owned locally by the same people who work in the business so we know Nowra, Shoalhaven, and the South Coast we are a part of the community. Our core team has between them many years experience in the industry. You won’t get a different person every time you call - it’s the same people, taking care of business, taking care of you.

We invite you to give us a try, we make it easy for you and we save you money.

Our principles

We provide high quality, late model trailers that are well-maintained and reliable. Our trailers are designed to meet your specific needs and ensure a successful job.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Inclusive Equipment

Quality Trailers

We go the extra mile to set you up for success. Our trailers come with inclusive equipment, so you have everything you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We understand the importance of staying within budget. That's why we offer the best budget rates in the Shoalhaven and South Coast area. Renting a trailer from us won't break the bank.

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woman in blue denim jeans and white sweater sitting on gray sofa
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woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
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